Monday, May 21, 2018

What are the Goals of our Group Homes?

The number one goal of our Group Home services is to increase the quality of life for adult members of our community who may have chosen to live in a residential facility. Of utmost im-portance is adherence to a positive support plan and the reduction of problem behaviors through the establishment of alternate methods that increase functionally equivalent replacement behaviors.

What About Caregiver Involvement?

Staff and supervisors of the group home , and preferably the owner, will be closely involved with the selec-tion of treatment goals and behavior procedure implementation.

What is the Format of Group Home Programs?

Programs are designed based on the needs of each individual group home. Staff training is an important component of group home programs.  Group Home Services support staff in implementing clinically sound programs for the residents, with the level and type of support varying depending on the type of service provided (i.e., Supported Living, Group Home, Crisis House, etc.). In all cases, specific individual behavior plans are designed and implemented.

What Age Group?

Children and adults 

What is the Intensity of Service?

Usually 2 hours per month
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